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Typhoid Fever Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB hospital provides the treatment of many general diseases like typhoid fever treatment. We treat it with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. We have Chinese specialist’s doctors to treat typhoid fever. Many people in Pakistan got effected by typhoid every year.

What is Typhoid fever?

Usually typhoid fever is simply known as typhoid.
Typhoid fever in the typhoid epidemic season and areas of patients with persistent high fever (40 ~ 41 ℃) for 1 to 2 weeks or more, and the emergence of special poisoning face, the relative slow pulse, skin rosella, hepatosplenomegaly , Peripheral white blood cell count as low, eosinophil’s disappear, bone marrow typhoid cells (ring cells), can be clinically diagnosed as typhoid.

What can cause Typhoid Fever?

It can be caused by salmonella typhi bacteria.

Typhoid Fever Treatment and Preventions

General treatment and symptomatic treatment, patients admitted to the hospital, that is, according to digestive tract infectious disease isolation, clinical symptoms disappeared every 5 to 7 days after delivery stool culture, 2 consecutive negative can be lifted isolation. Fever in patients with bed rest, 2 to 3 days after fever can sit in bed, 2 weeks after fever can be mild activity. Should be given a high calorie, high nutrition, digestible diet, including enough carbohydrates, protein and vitamins to supplement the consumption of fever period to promote recovery, fever during the period should use liquid or soft no residue diet, small meals. Antipyretic, increased appetite, can be gradually into the rice, soft rice, avoid eating hard dregs of food, so as not to induce intestinal bleeding and intestinal perforation, general antipyretic 2 weeks after the resumption of normal diet. Patients should be encouraged to enter more water, daily about 2000 ~ 3000ml (including diet included), to facilitate the excretion of toxins. If the disease cannot be eaten by weight 5% glucose intravenous drip normal saline

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