It for the very first time in the history of Pakistan that Chinese has developed their hospital in Lahore. Zaib hospital in Lahore tries to provide treatment to the people of by using international technologies and by using international equipment’s. Zaib Hospital in Lahore brings that equipment’s that fully satisfied international standards of treatment.

The equipment that Zaib Hospital is using while treating there patients are as follows:

  • LEEP Knife Technology.
  • Laparoscopic Equipment.
  • Germany Wolf Hysteroscopy Technology.
  • Doppler Ultrasonography.
  • Infertility Diagnostic Machine.
  • Fallopian Tube Transmission Diagnostic Apparatus.

Infertility Diagnoses and Treatment Instrument

September 5th, 2022 by

ZAIB Hospital ZAIB Hospital in Lahore provides best treatment for andrology disorders like infertility. We have Chinese specialists doctors for the treatment of infertility. We treat patients with Chinese Herbal medicine. Diagnostic and Therapeutic: (1) The diagnosis accuracy of uterine hypoplasia, partial adhesions of uterine cavity, congenital malformation, immature uterus and other infertility (about infertility of more than 60%) is high, and it can prevent misdiagnosis. Treatment of Infertility Equipment (2) Treatment of the above infertility, the treatment system issued by the therapeutic wave, along the elastic bladder tube in the uterine wall, so that the uterus produces a response of the two. A. Adaptability: […]

LEEP Knife Techonology For Gynecology Treatment

September 5th, 2022 by

LEEP Knife Technology in ZAIB Hospital: ZAIB Hospital is from the top hospitals in Lahore who are using international technologies. We have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore who are using LEEP Knife Technology to treat Cervical Erosion of females. LEEP Knife Technology: The fifth generation of ultra-high frequency LEEP knife, compared to earlier, more accurate positioning of the lesion, only resection of the diseased tissue without damaging the normal cervix, at the same time, because of the better improvement in electrode current and current release of radio frequency, RF current electrode is more stable, more accurate positioning, release through the electrode tip high frequency arc wave in […]

Laparoscopy at ZAIB Hospital

September 5th, 2022 by

ZAIB Hospital: ZAIB Hospital provides the facility of latest technology to treat their patients. ZAIB Hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore who treat gynecology, anorectal and andrology with the help of Chinese traditional medicines. Laparoscopy: Similar with the electronic gastroscopy, is a kind of instrument with micro camera, laparoscopic surgery is the use of laparoscopic surgery and related equipment: cold light source is used to provide lighting, laparoscopic lens (diameter 3 ~ 10mm) into the abdominal cavity, the image using digital camera technology to make shots to laparoscopic through optical fiber transmission to after class the signal processing system, and real-time display on the monitor […]

LEEP Knife Technology at ZAIB Hospital

September 5th, 2022 by

LEEP Knife Technology at ZAIB Hospital ZAIB Hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore who are using minimal invasive surgery method. ZAIB use Germany WOLF hysteroscopy technology to treat patients it causes less pain then other methods. Germany WOLF hysteroscopy technology – Longhua Minsheng Gynecology, Shenzhen Technical introduction Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery, is more advanced gynecological surgery technology. Hysteroscopy surgery has the advantages of not open, small trauma, less bleeding, light pain, fast recovery, less recent complications, long-term does not affect ovarian function. It greatly reduces the patient’s pain caused by surgery, minimally invasive resection of lesions that […]

Doppler Ultrasonography at ZAIB Hospital

September 5th, 2022 by

Doppler Color Function Editor Ultrasonic color Doppler is an imaging technique that combines anatomical information derived using ultrasonic pulse-echo techniques with velocity information derived using ultrasonic Doppler techniques to generate colour-codedmaps of tissue velocity superimposed on grey-scale images of tissue anatomy. The most common use of the technique is to image the movement of blood through the heart, arteries and veins, but it may also be used to image the motion of solid tissues such as the heart walls. Colour Doppler imaging is now provided on almost all commercial ultrasound machines, and has been found to be of great value […]

Germany WOLF Hysteroscopy Technology

September 5th, 2022 by

ZAIB hospital is the best hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. It is best in all the aspects. It is best in treatments and it is also best in using the best and modern technology in their hospital for the treatments of the patients of different diseases. LEEP knife Technology is also being used in the Hospital. LEEP Stands for Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) Overview of LEEP It has almost become a tradition that the removal of the cervical dysplasia (the overgrowth of a body organ or body tissue by the development of cells of an abnormal kind, or the early stage in […]

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