Adenomyosis of the Uterus

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Adenomyosis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB Hospital is from the best hospitals in Lahore and provides treatment of all gynecological disorders with the help Chinese traditional medicines. We have female gynecologists in Lahore.  Dr. Goufen has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders and adenomyosis is one from them.

Adenomyosis is a relatively common benign disease; I believe many people have heard of it. Then what is the cause of adenomyosis? What are the harms of adenomyosis?

Causes of Adenomyosis:

The uterus is one of the important organs of women; I believe we are all aware of this. That we know that women suffering from uterine muscle adenoma reasons? Do not know if we look at it together.

1, The Uterus After the Bit

Uterine backward, poor blood discharge, due to a large number of endometrial bloods within the uterus, longer retention time in the uterus, such as accompanied by dysmenorrhea caused by spasmodic contraction of the uterine muscle, intrauterine pressure increased, the endometrium will be different Bit to the myometrium of the uterus.

2, Iatrogenic Reasons

(a) Curettage

Dilation and curettage can damage the basal layer of the endometrium. Endometrial tissue can be extended at the base of the damaged invasion to the myometrium, in the monthly menstrual cycle changes in the myometrium extensive invasion and reproduction. This function Of the endometrial tissue can also cause bleeding in the myometrium to form a lot of bleeding.

(b) IUD placement time is longer

Ring incarcerated into the myometrium, but also the endometrial tissue to the myometrium within the formation of uterine muscle adenoma.

(c) Caesarean section

In our lives there are many pregnant women will be Caesarean birth child, but it is because of caesarean section, which may lead to caesarean section when the endometrial tissue to the myometrium or other places, and therefore the uterine muscle gland tumor.

Myometrial Adenoma Hazards

Under normal circumstances, the risk of uterine muscle adenoma is mainly the following:

1, Infertility

Uterine muscle adenoma can lead to infertility. Ectopic endometrial tissue can cause extensive pelvic adhesions, leading to infertility caused by fallopian tube barrier.

2, Menorrhagia and anemia

Uterine muscle adenoma in patients with uterus significantly larger than normal, spherical .Endometrial area increased, resulting in excessive bleeding, menstruation, accompanied by endometrial hyperplasia, is also a reason for excessive bleeding. Bleeding can lead to anemia.

3, Dysmenorrhea

Myometrial tissue structure closely, ectopic endometrial tissue in the muscle within the extensive bleeding, resulting in increased uterine tension, uterine smooth muscle spasmodic contraction, resulting in dysmenorrhea, and increased month by month.

Female patients in each menstrual period before or menstrual period there will be symptoms of dysmenorrhea. And is very painful, so seriously affect the lives of patients, and this time can only be used to alleviate the powerful painkillers.

Use of Potent Analgesics for Remission

With the aggravation of the disease, pain relieving time is also shortened, the dose is also increasing .Disease is not in the menstrual period there will be pain .To the woman’s physical and mental harm.

Uterine adenomyoma of the most obvious harm is dysmenorrhea, but also very painful dysmenorrhea, but also with age, the pain will become more and more serious, this pain may even affect the normal life and work, the general medical said this Dysmenorrhea is called secondary dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, through the above description, we found that uterine fibroids should be treated early, because the disease is increased month by month, if not treated condition will be more and more heavy, the relative difficulty of treatment is also increased, the proposed early detection and early treatment.

Uterus also increases, hyperplasia, hardening, resulting in fibrosis. Uterine adenomyoma in the endometrial tissue invasion and proliferation in the myometrium is extremely strong, no less than the invasion and proliferation of tumor cells, also known as benign lesions, malignant behavior, increased the difficulty of treatment, is also there is no cure for the disease

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