Bartholdin Gland Cyst Causes and Symptoms

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Complications Related with Bartholin Gland Cyst

The Bartholin glands are the two small organs under the skin in a female’s genital area. They are found on each side of the folds of skin, fold of skin means labia here. Labia surrounds the vagina and urethra in the female body system. Mostly a female cannot see or feel these glands in her body.

The bartholian glands make a small amount of the mucous like secretion that keeps the moisture in the outer genital area called vulva.

This fluid comes out by two tiny tubes. These tubes are the next to the vagina. The name of these ducts is Bartholdi ducts.

Bartholin  Gland Cyst

If a duct of bartholin glands is blocked ,the fluid is accumulated in the gland. This accumulation of the fluid inside the duct is very much bad. This blocked gland is called a bartholin gland cyst. It is also called  a bartholin duct cyst often. Their size can range from a size of pea to the size of a large marble. Usually, their growth is very slow. If, there is some infection in the bartholin gland or bartholin duct then it is called bartholin gland abcess. This condition is much dangerous as compared to many female specific disorders.
These cysts are often very small in size. Mostly they are painless. Some are not treated well. But if symptoms are being shown in you, then you should undergo treatment. You will need a proper treatment if your cyst is infected.

What are it’s Causes?

Following things can block the Bartholin gland duct:
·         Infections
·         Thick mucous
·         SwellingThe above mentioned things can block the cysts. They produce the cyst in the ducts. The cysts become greater in size after the intercourse; this is because of the fact that the glands make more fluid during intercourse between female and male.

Sexually transmitted infections (STI s) can cause the Infected Bartholian  cysts.By putting the condom during the intercourse can lower the risk of STI s.

Symptoms of the Bartholin Cysts:

When the bartholian cyst is very small then there is no symptom showed because of the small size of bartholin cysts.But if the bartholin cyst is large in size or there is abcess case then there are many symptoms shown in the patient?

The cyst having no infection can show following symptoms:
·         Lump in the vulva area that is very painful.
·         Vulva area showing the redness and swelling.
·         Patient feel discomfort during sex.
·         Patient feel discomfort during walk.
·         Patient cannot sit properly due to the discomfort during sitting.

The cyst having infection can show following symptoms :
·         Fever
·         Swelling of vulva area
·         Drainage of fluid from cyst.
·         Chills
·         Worst pain
·         Discomfort during sitting.
·         Discomfort in moving around.
·         Discomfort in walking.

Diagnosis of Bartholin Gland Cyst:

A problem is simply diagnosed by the doctor by the examination. A Bartholian Cyst and Bartholian abcess can be diagnosed by simple physical examinantion. There is no specific test needed to make the diagnosis.

Sometimes in the case of the abcess, a swab is taken and the pus inside the swab is examined and it is tried to diagnose the main causative agents of the infections by sending the swabs into the laboratory. Hence, bartholian cysts are diagnosed.

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