Breast Diseases Treatment With Chinese Herbal Medicines

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Breast Diseases Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB hospital in Lahore is from the top hospitals in Lahore who are providing treatment of gynecological disorders. we have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore. We treat gynecological diseases like breast diseases with the help of chinese herbal medicinese.

Breast Diseases Treatment with help of Chinese Medicines:

Breast disease is a unique disease of women; there are many ways to treat breast disease, then how to treat breast disease with traditional Chinese medicine?

Back milk

Mirabilite (Glauber’s salt) 50 ~ 100 grams, mash, put two bags, water spray applied to the breasts bra fixed; spray after dry , the continued for 24 hours. If first time is not effective, can continue to be treated 1 ~ 2 times, until delectation.

Postpartum milk deficiency

Sichuan pepper 50 grams, 250 ml of liquor. The Chuanjiao grind, and liquor were loaded in the pot, simmer to boil, the pot mouth at the nipple to heat fumigation in wine. The treatment of early maternal milk contact is not smooth, and the evil caused by choking milk or milk can have good effect.

Acute mastitis

Fresh dandelion, fresh cactus (thorn), according to the proportion of 5+2 mash it, adding a small amount of alum, with the egg transfer apply to the affected area, 2 to 3 times a day. Severe pain, increase the amount of yellow, frankincense powder. Generally 3 ~ 5 days can be cured.


Borneol 5 grams, egg 6. The egg cooked peeled in egg yolk, Tieshao inside, with simmered baked egg butter, to slag, adding borneol (grind) mixture. With a cotton swab dipped in oil paint on the affected area, 4 times a day. General medication 5 to 6 days can be cured.

Premenstrual breast pain

5 grams of vinegar Usage: wangbuliuxing will research very fine, and vinegar tune into a paste, fill in the umbilical, with musk tiger bone paste. By the use of 3 days ago, 2 times a day after menstruation to stop using. Generally 1 to 2 menstrual cycles can be cured.

Hyperplasia of mammary glands

Angelica 200 grams, white mustard 180 grams, 160 grams of Rhizoma pleionis, Radix Aconite, as arum 100 grams, angelica 80 grams, 60 grams of nux vomica, camphor 40 grams, the amount of lead. Skim the former 7 kinds of medicinal dry fried sesame oil, camphor, and lead paste into standby. Wash the affected area with warm soapy water before use, the ointment on the pain and the size of the corresponding region of cloth or flexible paper, ointment thickness 0.2 ~ 0.3 cm, sticking in the lesion, dressing 1 times every 3 days, 10 days for 1 courses. Generally use 6 courses can be more

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