Breast Infections Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Breast Infections | Breast Diseases Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital provides treatment of breast diseases. We have Chinese gynecologists in LahoreDr. Guofen. She treats all gynecological disorders with the help of Chinese medicines. We at ZAIB have latest equipment and technologies to diagnose and treat breast disease. We treat mastitis, breast hyperplasia and breast fibroids.

Breast disease is a common disease in women, but it is often difficult to be early detection, mostly inadvertently discovered, but this time is often the disease of moderate to severe stage, therefore, the threat of breast disease on women’s health Big. So, what breast infections?

Mastitis Breast Infection:

Acute Mastitis:

Acute mastitis is the breast of acute purulent disease, usually caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection, more common in the early maternal breast-feeding. Due to improper breast-feeding method, the milk out of the poor, such as breast duct obstruction is most prone to milk deposition, resulting in bacterial reproduction; or nipple rupture, nipple deformity or nipple trauma, the bacteria can retrograde into the breast from the nipple and spread to Breast, causing infection.

Chronic Mastitis:

First, the treatment of acute mastitis mishandling, such as the use of improper, etc. Second, the onset of chronic inflammation that is the process, mostly due to poor breast milk deposition formation induration. Breast mass can be palpable to mass as the main performance, mass hard texture, the border is unclear, there is tenderness, can be associated with skin adhesions, lumps do not rupture of the ulcer is not easy to cure, Is not easy to become pus is not easy to dissipate; breast local typical no swelling and heat pain phenomenon, fever, chills, fatigue and other systemic symptoms is not obvious.

Breast Hyperplasia:

Occurred in middle-aged women, often in the breasts have multiple sizes ranging from hard and irregular lumps, and the neighboring muscle boundaries unclear. Patients often feel breast pain, increased premenstrual symptoms, is a benign breast hyperplasia, clinical breast lumps, pain and irregular menstruation is characterized. Modern medicine and endocrine disorders, ovarian dysfunction related.

Breast Fibroids:

The most common breast tumors, more common in young women, estrogen and the body are too high, can occur in one or both sides of the breast, usually solitary. Mass is oval or round, smooth surface, medium hardness, with the surrounding tissue boundaries clear, no adhesion with the skin, easy to be lumps. Most of the current treatment for surgical treatment, but many cannot be accepted by young women, mainly surgical removal of the local tumor, the body’s endocrine disorders have not been corrected, so easy to relapse, followed by leaving marks on the breast.

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