Cervicitis Swelling of Uterus

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How to Treat Cervicitis?

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Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment for Cervicitis

Female reproductive system and organs are very vital as well as fragile. Cervicitis is defined as the inflammation of lower part of Uterus that is Cervix. The inflammation may be caused due to allergies, chemical or physical irritations as well as infections. In this article we are going to look at how can you know that you are falling prey to this problem and the perfect ways that are practiced to diagnose the issue after which we are also going to look at how to treat cervicitis that can be carried out to prevent this problem.
Cervicitis Symptoms:
Symptoms of cervicitis are pretty evident and one can easily infer about the problem after initial symptoms are seen. Enlisted following are some of the major symptoms of this problem.
·         Irritation
·         Redness of Cervix
·         Injured Cervix
·         Pain during Urination
If there are any of the given or any other than these mentioned symptoms that you may feel suspicious, you should refer to your doctor immediately.

Cervicitis Causes:

Now let’s come down to the causes behind cervicitis, the main of its transmission is said to be sexual intercourse and it seems pretty logical as well. If the male counterpart during the sexual intercourse has any of the following STDs the female counterpart is more likely to be affected by it in the form of cervicitis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases that are most notorious in this reference are given below.
·         Gonorrhea
·         Chlamydia
·         Genital Herpes
·         Trichomoniasis
·         Mychoplasma
·         Ureaplasma
Apart from these sexually transmitted disease there are also some other reasons that may cause cervicitis, that includes Allergies that can be from any material that is used near vaginal opening, it can be due to condoms or tampons as well as some certain kind of fabric. Irritating and wrong sized tampons or diaphragms can also cause the same issue with women’s genital area.

Cervicitis Diagnosis

As the argument has been established that cervicitis can easily be caused through sexually transmitted disease.  The diagnosis process involves your sexual partner to be tested for any STDs the he might have and then the treatment is done accordingly. Apart from that there are other tests that are carried out after a physical examination. The tests may include urine test and examination of allergies that you might have with the condoms that you might have been using or the contraceptive pills that are being used.

Cervicitis Treatment:

After a successful diagnosis the patient can be started with a treatment accordingly. Many patients frequently asks from doctors that how to treat cervicitis?The treatment can be simple or complicated depending upon the stage of problem and the reason behind its causation. However some of the simple treatments may include Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Viral medications. Doctor would also advise you not to indulge in any sexual activity until the problem has completely been evicted from its roots. No matter how simple it may sound the problem, if not tackled at the right time, can be the reason behind many complications for the time to come.

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