Cervical Erosion Treatment | Cervicitis Treatment

Zaib hospital treats many diseases related to cervix of females. Some of them are:

Cervical Erosion:

This disease is caused by chronic infections and unusual change in the ph balance. We at Zaib hospital treat its with the help of Chinese Traditional medicines and LEEP knife technology.

Does It has an Effect on Women Fertility?

It is one of the manifestations of female infertility, common gynecological diseases. There are many reasons that leads to erosion, such as miscarriage, childbirth, and dirty sex life and so on. Doctors said: if this disease do not get treated on time it may lead to female infertility. Therefore, women should be actively treated.

Once a female diagnosed with this disease, even asymptomatic, nor “sit back and relax”, but should be actively treated. This disorder is a benign disease caused by inflammation, but very few patients can develop cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.

There are many ways to treat it. Physical therapy includes cryotherapy, laser therapy, infrared coagulation therapy, microwave therapy and so on. The principles of these therapies are basically the same, so that cervical erosion surface epithelial necrotic shedding, and then covered with newborn squamous epithelium. Prevention of this disease is to pay attention to personal hygiene, regular gynecological examination.

How to Prevent Cervical Erosion

We all know that if it is not treated timely it will produce malignant transformation, Erosionr, so women suffering from cervical erosion must be treated on time, in life should pay attention to all aspects of attention. Today we will come together to understand How to prevent cervical erosion in daily life.
Maintain a happy spirit, enhance disease resistance. It is a chronic disease, although cervical erosion predisposing factors,

1. Found positive treatment. It can be used within the vaginal medication, as well as laser, electric and frozen and other methods of treatment.
2. Regular gynecological examination. Cervical erosion and early cervical erosion is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. Feasible cervical smear test method is simple, easy, and produces reliable results.
4. Keep the vulva clean. Do not uses a variety of rinse solution, so as not to damage the vagina natural protective barrier, as well as the more boring trouble.

Finally remind: The greater the degree of erosion the longer the course will be. The greater will be the likelihood of erosion, but also cause bleeding, infection and other serious consequences.

Cervicitis Treatment:

Cervicitis symptoms include the redness of cervix and an unusual discharge from the cervix of yellowish color. If it didn’t treated earlier then it goes serious.

Cervical HPV Treatment:

Cervical HPV can be caused by sexually transmitted disease. Cervical HPV infection is most common in those women who are bearing child.

We treat all disorder of cervix with the help of Chinese medicines and latest technologies. We have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore Dr. Goufen.

How long it Take to Recover after Cervical Erosion Surgery?

September 20th, 2022 by
Cervical Erosion

How long it Take to Recover after Cervical Erosion Surgery? One patient consulted with us online and the patient asks us that: Dear expert, I have done cervical erosion surgery. How long will it take to fully recover? ZAIB Hospital Doctor answered: Dear, i didn’t know which technology you were using, if it is more advanced LEEP knife or BBT then the recovery time is relatively short, which will be recovered in one month. But if it is other physical therapy, then duration may extend up to two months, women can’t have sex before recovery. You should pay attention to diet and […]

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