Often taken as one, Obstetrician and Gynecologist are two entirely different medical experts. However the nature of work for both is quite similar that is why they are often taken to be the same kind of doctors by general public. In this article we are trying to show the distinct difference between both and also who you should visit and when the right time to visit either one of them is.
Who is an Obstetrician?
Obstetrician is a medical expert who carries out the process of childbirth and takes care of a pregnant female. This field of medical science is strictly related to the complications for the woman and the child, associated with the childbirth. An Obstetrician is concerned with health of pregnant woman and makes sure she is being taken well care of during the pregnancy and the time of childbirth. Hence in a nutshell an Obstetrician is concerned with all the health issues that may occur during the time of pregnancy and after the time of delivery.
Who is a Gynecologist?
On the other hand, a Gynecologist is basically concerned with the issues and health of female’s reproductive organs. A Gynecologist is not only concerned with the childbirth and its process but also takes care of the parts and events that may lead it to it. The female reproductive organs as well as other associated organs are all examined by a Gynecologist. That includes Vagina, Ovaries, Cervix, Uterus and other vital organs like bladder and bowel.
Whom to refer, and when?
If you are facing any issues related to female parts of your body, a Gynecologist would help you out in solving it. The expertise do not only confine them to solving the physical issues but also lets them treat many other complications such as Hysterectomy, that is a surgical procedure that is carried out to remove the womb out of female body. The process may be performed under medical complications such as pelvic pains and vaginal bleeding. Laparoscopy, this is basically a diagnostic process that involved insertion of camera into the female vaginal area to examine the complications that she may be facing due to any medical disorder.
While one the other hand an Obstetrician performs the medical and surgical processes that are strictly related to the childbirth and pregnancy of a woman. For an instance Caesarean Sections or commonly known as C-section, that is a childbirth process performed in case where the vaginal birth seems to be complicated and the baby is taken out of the womb by cutting it.
Hence in a nutshell we can say that a Gynecologist is concerned with the parts and processes to involve in making a child and an Obstetrician is concerned with bringing the child into the world. These are some of the basic differences between an Obstetrician and a Gynecologist that are often taken to be as the same medical experts. After having a complete knowledge about the difference between both and knowing their expertise you can refer your problem to the right expert for the best opinion upon it.