Endocrine Disorder Causes and Treatment

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Endocrine Disorder Causes in Females:

About 25-30% Infertility in female caused by ovarian disorder, which is the major, reasons for female infertility. The causes of ovulation disorders are mostly due to endocrine disorders. Therefore, to solve the endocrine causes of female infertility, treatment of infertility is an important issue in the field.

Endocrine System:

The body’s endocrine system can secrete various hormones; together with the nervous system regulate the body’s metabolism and physiological function. The variety of hormones are balanced as usually, but for some reason to break the balance (one hormone too much or too little) which causes endocrine disorders, will cause the clinical manifestations. Both Men and women may face endocrine disorders.

Abnormalities Caused by Endocrine:

Female endocrine disorders can cause skin deterioration, irritability, obesity issues, and also can cause hyperprolactinemia, corpus lutein insufficiency, endometriosisdysmenorrheairregular menstruation and so on endocrine diseases which will cause women Infertility.

Treatment of Endocrine Disorders at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB Hospital experts launched the “three sub-therapy” for the main ovulation disorder problem of endocrine infertility, according to the female ovulation of the “follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase” three processes, has outstanding effect in the treatment of female endocrine Infertility. The therapy emphasizes the comprehensive scientific testing at three major ovulation process, accurate identification the causes of infertility, Make the cure plan with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment program with the testing, targeted endocrine comprehensive conditioning, according to stage Dialectical treatment, to restore normal endocrine function, fundamentally eliminate the causes of infertility.

Follicular phase of conditioning:

Normal ovulation cycle is the hypothalamus – pituitary – ovarian gonadal axis of the normal secretion of the premise, once the abnormal problems, endocrine disorders will occur, which will cause follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, follicular fluid In the follicle-stimulating hormone, the formation of follicle formation obstacles. For this problem, enriching blood with Chinese herbal and some herbal to enriching kidney. And it will promote follicular maturation.

Ovulation of the conditioning:

Ovulation disorders in the proportion are large rate of endocrine disorders which cause infertility. Occurrence of ovulatory dysfunction is more by the hypothalamic functional disorders (such as menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, functional hyperprolactinemia, etc.). There are also due to pituitary dysfunction. For the regulation of ovulation; take Chinese herbal to promote ovulation.

Luteal phase conditioning:

The period from ovulation to the day before menstrual (13 to 14 days) called luteal phase. the ovary secrete lutein with the impact of luteinizing hormone to maintain thickening of the endometrium to facilitate implantation of fertilized eggs, without fertilization Egg implantation, the endometrium will collapse. Luteal phase ends with menstrual cramps. Normal luteal function by the hypothalamus – pituitary – ovarian gonadal axis of this control, when any problem of gonadal axis occurs, it will cause luteal dysfunction, leading to endocrine disorders of infertility (or habitual miscarriage). Mostly symptoms of luteal insufficiency are the normal menstrual cycle, but by the amount of normal or slightly more, luteal phase bleeding. The treatment for the luteal phase emphasis, to create a good pregnancy environment, prepares conditions for the pregnant egg implantation.

ZAIB Hospital proved that “three stages of therapy” adhering to the traditional Chinese medicine concept, the traditional Chinese medicine theory and Western theory of organic integration, learn from modern medicine reproductive endocrine cycle changes in understanding, under the regulation of endocrine use of Chinese medicine staging , Taking into account the cyclical changes in ovarian menstrual cycle, maintaining the inherent different traditional Chinese medicine syndrome different and overall treatment characteristics. For patients with different circumstances, the use of individualized treatment programs has made thousands of cases of endocrine infertility women who dreams to have a baby.

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