Gynaecological review of Viginitis

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Gynecological Review of Viginitis

Being a woman comes in with some certain specified issues that are needed to be taken care of. Viginitis is one of those issues that need to be addressed at its very initial stage. Viginitis is basically a vaginal infection that can happen due to some very simple negligence, the reasons behind this infection can be some very normal everyday activities as well as other factors that we are going to discuss in this piece of writing here. First of all let’s take a look at some initial symptoms that may lead to the conclusion of the presence of viginitis infection.
Following are the initial symptoms of viginitis, if you feel any of the following symptoms present you should immediately refer to your gynecologist and get yourself treated.
·         Itching and irritation at Vaginal area
·         Color change of Vaginal area and redness around it
·         Pain during urination and sexual intercourse
·         Vaginal Discharge
These are some the symptoms that initially show the risk of viginitis in women.
As it has been discussed earlier the problem of viginitis in women can occur due to the negligence and absence of care in normal everyday activities, let’s take a look at some of the main causes that may cause viginitis in women.
There are basically three types of viginitis in women given as below,

  1. Bacterial Viginitis
  2. Yeast Infection
  3. Trichomoniasis that can be caused with constant vaginal discharge

These are basically three types of Viginitis in women let’s take a look at their cause now,
·         Excessive and unnecessary use of soap and other cleaning material at vaginal area.
·         Use of perfumes and other scented products at vaginal area
·          The infection can be transmitted over sexual activities
·         Side effects of specific medication such as anti-biotic or steroids
·         Wearing wet and Damp clothes and undergarment
·         Using unclean tampons and menstrual pads for long time
·         Rapid hormonal change during pregnancy
These are some common causes that may lead to a serious issue of viginitis.
When to see the Doctor? 
Now you must have enough information to come to a conclusion to asses that what can be the time when you should contact your doctor. If any of the symptoms are present you should instantly refer to your doctor and get your treated.
Vigjnitis can be treated through medications as well as external treatment creams and ointments. That medication includes Tindamax or Flagyl, where creams can be chosen from Femstat 3 or Vagistat-1. Apart from this everyone should keep practicing the remedial measures such as cleaning your vaginal area clean and dry, avoid using soup and other lathering material. Apart from that if you feel an unpleasant odor in from your vaginal area do not try to hide it with the usage of perfume, deodorant or any other material that may contain the ingredients same as those mentioned before. These are some remedial measure shall be kept under consideration while cleaning yourself down there.

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