By considering the above mentioned problems Chinese have taken a step forward in order to provide the best medical facilities in Lahore, Pakistan. They have opened a new hospital in Lahore named as ZAIB Hospital. They have specially invited Chinese doctor to Lahore for the betterment of health industry in Pakistan. Most importantly they have Chinese female gynecologist in their hospital, Dr. Guofen Liu. She has more than 25 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders. She provides treatment of all gynecological disorders with the help of traditional Chinese medicines, ISO certified technologies and latest equipment. She treats patient through Chinese way of treatment.

The gynecology related issues that she treats at ZAIB Hospital in Lahore are as follows with some information of treatment process as well.

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Endocrine Disorders Treatment:

The endocrine disorders caused by in the change of level of hormones in the body. If the balanced between the hormones is break then it will cause endocrine disorders. The most common endocrine disorder in females is ovulation. Endocrine disorders leads to female infertility. Dr. Guofen provides endocrine disorders treatment with the help of three phase conditioning treatment method and Chinese herbal medicines.

Cervical Erosion Treatment:

Cervical erosion is mostly caused by the imbalance in PH level in the body. Females are unaware from its symptoms. Mostly females were suffering from cervical erosion but they don’t know about it because of insufficient awareness and lack of appropriate knowledge. If the patient of cervical erosion didn’t get its better treatment form a better gynecology hospital then it leads to cervical cancer. Our gynecological disorders expert treat cervical erosion before it converts into cervical cancer with the help of latest LEEP Knife Technology and traditional Chinese medicines. We also provide treatment of cervicitis and cervical HPV in our hospital.

Irregular Menstruation Treatment:

Irregular menstruation and ovulation is the biggest nightmare for females. In this condition women sometimes faces heavy bleeding and sometimes they faces only blood spots. Sometimes bleeding starts before expected date while on the other hand the bleeding didn’t starts even after one or two months of expected date. If you are facing this condition then visit our hospital we treat irregular menstruation with the help of TCM. We also treat dysmenorrheaamenorrhea and leucorrhoea.

Vaginal Related Issues:

Dr. Guofen is expert in treating vaginal infection and providing vaginal surgeries. The vaginal infections that we treat at our medical hospital are excessive vaginal bleeding, yeast infection, vulvodynia, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and more. We provide hymen repair surgery (hymenoplasty) and vaginal tightening surgeries at our treat center. Vaginal tightening surgery improves the sexual life of couples.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a Gynecological Disorder:

The actual causes of PCOS are still undefined. It’s a complex follicular disorder. It is one of the major causes of female infertility. In this disorder women one or may be more than one egg but their eggs are not capable of conception. ZAIB Hospital gynecology and infertility treat it with the help of surgery and Chinese medicines.

Pelvic Inflammation Disorder (PID) Treatment:

Mostly females don’t see any symptoms while suffering from it. But a regular gynecology checkup can help in its diagnosing. It is mostly cause by the bacteria that occurs through STD and they spread from vagina to fallopian tubes. We treat PID with latest treatment methods in our hospital.

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Different types of Vaginitis and their Treatment:

Vaginitis is a state of burning and itching in the vagina. Vaginitis types are trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis and bacterial vaginitis. Vaginitis plays a role of hurdle in getting pregnant. Our Chinese gynecological disorders experts treat vaginitis in Lahore.

We also treat disorders related to breast. Dr. Guofen is expert in treating female infertility issues caused by blocked fallopian tubes. If you are facing any of these disorders than visit our hospital in Lahore for better treatment.