An interesting fact is that there are less good bacteria as compared to the bad bacteria. This disease grows at its own. Bacterial vaginitis is a mild condition but it can lead to very serious diseases which are very dangerous for the women’s health. Bacterial vaginitis is such a disease that can affect any women. It increases the chances of the transmission of the sexually transmitted diseases, it’s very necessary to visit your physician as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

How common is this disorder….?

This is the most common infection of the bacteria. It can be found  In females from the age of 15 to 44.

How this infection is spread ….?

Until now, the experts do not know the causes of the bacterial vaginitis. It is also not known that how it is spread in the women of different ages. But instead of that, it is known that this is found In the sexually active females who have sex with different partners. As we know that the imbalance between good bacteria and bad bacteria cause the bacterial vaginitis, so anything that cause imbalance can cause the bacterial vaginitis.
Following factors can cause spread of the bacterial vaginitis:

  • New sex partner.
  • Multiple sex partners.
  • Douching (it cause the bacterial imbalance and leads to the bacterial vaginitis).
  • Excessive sex activities.
  • Who have a past history of sexually transmitted Diseases and infections (STD’s and STIs).
  • Smoking.
  • Who have a copper coil for the purpose contraception – (an intrauterine contraceptive instruments).
  • Whose family has Afro-Caribbean origins
  • You use bubble bath.

There are less chances of the Bacterial vaginitis due to following factors:

  • Combined contraceptive pills usage.
  • Circumcision of the sex partner in the past.
  • Condoms usage.

Bacterial Vaginitis affects less those women who have never had sexual intercourse.
It is not spread to you from toilet seats, swimming pools and bedding.

Symptoms of the bacterial vaginitis:

The most common symptom of the bacterial vaginitis is the discharge of the smelly liquid from vaginitis discharge is fishy smelled. Its color is grayish white or yellow. Foul smell and the specific color is the main indication of the  bacterial vaginitis. The specific fishy smell may be worse after sexual activity. Almost 50 % of the women, who has bacterial vaginitis, do not observe any symptom.

How is bacterial vaginitis diagnosed?

Physicians diagnose the bacterial vaginitis by doing a pelvic examination and by taking a sample of the vaginal discharge and by asking the patients about the signs and symptoms. The vaginal discharge sample is sent to the laboratory for the further analysis.

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