How to get Pregnant?

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How to get Pregnant:

Pregnancy is a Miracle of God. It is an amazing, beautiful and glorious time in the life of a woman. It is a miracle that trillions of cells are created by the single cell. Hence, Human Being comes into being.
Any normal woman can get pregnant by the following ways ….. !

Tip #1: Visit your healthcare provider:

You can lay the basis for a solid pregnancy even before you get pregnant. You will have the perfect conception and fruitful pregnancy when your body is prepared for the pregnancy. Consult and visit for a checkup with a specialist gynecologist to detect that whether you are or you are not in a position to get pregnant. You can also come to know that what are the problems that you can face in way to be pregnant. Discuss with your physician all the cases about your sexual life. Regularly visit your physician so that any misfortune should be controlled before the pregnancy. Many Hospitals in Lahore provide these services and ZAIB Hospital is one of the best hospital from all of these.

Tip #2: Plan for a healthy pregnancy:

When you want to conceive, you must do the following things:

  • Eat nutritious foods.
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Get regular exercise
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid drugs
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Avoid caffeine.

Use less caffeine because more caffeine usage can create fertility problems. Use caffeine about 200 milligrams (about 12 ounces of coffee).

Tip#3 Figures out when you ovulate:

The highest mystery to getting pregnant rapidly knows when you ovulate.
You ovulate just once in each menstrual cycle, and there are only a couple of days during that time when it’s conceivable to consider. Knowing when you ovulate implies that you and your accomplice can time interaction to have the clearest chance with respects to getting expectant that cycle.
You can utilize a couple of various strategies to make sense of when you ovulate. Our article on anticipating ovulation strolls you through our articles.

Tip #4 has sex at the right time:

You must do sex at the right time when women have the ovum. After doing sex during this period there would occur fertilization between ovum and sperms.
It is a very interesting thing that the sperm can survive for few days but ovum does not survive for more than 1 day. If a sperm is released then there are chances that it could survive for few days. For example a sperm released on Sunday can wait until Friday.
If you don’t know about your fertile days then have sex daily because there will be a day when women would be fertile and hence fertilization will take place.

For pregnancy your male partner should ejaculate the semen into the vagina so that there should be so strong sperms which are not dead.
Herbal drugs used during pregnancy:


There are several ways to use ginger during pregnancy. Ginger is used for the morning sickness during pregnancy.

Red Raspberry Leaf:

Red raspberry is used in pregnancy. This drug is used during the pregnancy for the better labor.
Herbal tea is made which is called pregnancy tea.
 Pregnancy tea
2 tbsp. Red raspberry leaf
2 tbsp. spearmint leaf
2 tbsp. rose hips
Mix all of them and place into a reusable bag, Drink 1-2 cups daily.

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