Causes of Menorrhagia

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Causes of Menorrhagia:

Menstruate is an important way for women to understand their own body condition. But some women sometimes face excessive bleeding. The cycle of their period becomes long. So what is the problem?

Experts call this condition as menorrhagia. In this condition the women face excessive bleeding with long menstrual cycle. It caused by many reasons and in this article we will share some of them with you.

ZAIB Hospital gynecologist generally said: women’s menstrual cycle is generally 28 to 30 days, and some female’s menstrual period about 40 days. And it’s normal with regularity. It’s normal about 3 days ahead of or fall back. Most menstruation for 3 to 7 days, the menstrual blood volume is about 30 ~ 80ml. When some factors affect the hormone levels, endometrial area and coagulation mechanism, will increase menstruation, menstrual cycle extension or referred as menorrhagia.

1, Systemic Disease:

There bleeding more is caused by systemic diseases, such as leukemia. If coagulation mechanism problems will lead to systemic bleeding, but genital and endocrine function is normal. This causes menorrhagia.

2, Uterine Dysfunction Bleeding:

It mainly refers to an ovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding and irregular endometrial shedding. The prolonged menstruation mostly caused by endocrine dysfunction.

3, Gynecological Inflammation:

Pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis are caused by poor blood circulation in uterus causes excessive menstruation or menorrhagia. Degeneration of necrosis or congestion in pelvic will also cause excessive menstruation and menstrual extension.

4, Organic diseases:

Mainly refers to the uterine fibroids, especially uterine sub mucosal fibroids, chronic uterine hypertrophy, endometrial polyps, endometriosis, etc. The organic diseases are also the main reason for women’s menorrhagia problem. Female must pay more attention to gynecological diseases.

5, Consumption of Drugs or IUD:

Mainly psychosis drugs cause menstrual disorders or menorrhagia. If the disorder caused by drugs, you can follow the doctor’s advice to be adjusted medication according to the specific condition. If the disorder caused by IUD, you can get it out after menstrual, and try other contraceptive methods.

If the menstrual bleeding is too much and menstrual time becomes long but not get timely treatment then it will cause large number of blood loss anemia and infection will increase. And meantime may miss the early diagnosis of some diseases so you should not ignore it with menorrhagia. Must go to the hospital to examine the cause as soon as possible, and be treated earlier.

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