Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids

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Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are also known as uterine leiomyoma which is the most common benign tumor of female genital. If there are symptoms such as increased leucorrhea, irregular menstruation and abdominal pain in your daily life then you should take more attention. Because you may suffer from uterine fibroids which can cause great harm to women. And this may corrupt without timely treatment.
Then, what are its symptoms and how to treat it?
ymptoms 1, Increased leucorrhea: usually increase the leucorrhea, when the uterine fibroids increase rapid, ischemic necrosis associated with infection to produce a large number of pus and blood discharge and rotten tissue discharge with odor.
Symptoms 2, Menstrual Changes: the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids patients is change in menstruation, manifested as abnormal menstruation. Menstrual cycle may become long or short. There will be no regularity in menstrual cycle. The duration of menstruation is longer with bleeding. But many gynecological diseases and ovarian tumors can secrete estrogen to interfere menstrual cycle, which also cause menstruation changes. So we can’t conclude uterine fibroids only by menstrual changes.
Symptoms 3, The Abdominal Pain: patients usually did not have abdominal pain symptoms when uterine fibroids are not big, but often manifested as lower abdominal bulge and low back sore. When the uterine fibroids twists it will cause acute abdominal pain which is acute gynecological. Or when the fibroids degenerate to red it causes severe abdominal pain and fever.
Symptoms 4, The Abdomen Mass: when patients’ uterine fibroids continue to increase then the abdomen will swell. The patients can palpable mass in the lower abdomen occasionally when supine.
Symptoms 5, Oppression Symptoms:  the uterine fibroids will oppress the bladder and urethra when it increases forward, resulting in urinary frequency, urinary retention and even dysuria symptoms.  The Uterine fibroids will oppress rectum when it increase back, patients will symptoms with defecate hard. When the uterine fibroids increase to both sides, it will form broad ligament fibroids, which will oppose both sides of the ureter easily, can cause ureter hydrops or hydronephrosis.
Warm Tip: there is no obvious symptoms of uterine fibroids in early stage, and when it developed to a certain extent the symptoms performance are not specific, so it is very important for female to do gynecological examination regularly. You will find disease early and treat timely by regular gynecological examination. If you have one of above symptoms and suspected its uterine fibroids, suggest you go to gynecologist in Lahore for detailed examination timely and to do standardized treatment.

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