Regular Gynecology Examinations

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Importance of Regular Gynecology Examination

According to the research about human physiology, females should start having at least an annual gynecology examination from the age of 13-15, as this is the time when sexual orientation becomes evident enough for a female to  have a gynecologist examine you.

A gynecologist is not only needed to be there to help you out to conceive or guide you to through pregnancy but they are basically there to help you through any complication that you may feel or even do not feel in the initial stages and that may lead to a bigger problem in the future. This is basically the most important reason that a female should always look forward to have a regular visit to the gynecologist for check up and to have it all reported in order to prevent in medical and physical issues that may rise later. Let’s take a look at some different aspects in which a gynecologist can help you.

Pregnancy Related Issues:

With a regular checkup to your gynecologist you can make up a complete report over any issues that may rise during the time of pregnancy and you can have them prevented even before they get any worse.

Menstruation Problems:

A lot of women face the problem of irregular menstruation and do not care to notice it; this can be an initial sign of a bigger issue related to your physical and sexual health. Keeping a track of menses over the time and explaining it to your gynecologist may lead to a prevention of a bigger catastrophe.

Breast Examination:

Apart from performing a checkup of the female parts in the pelvic area, gynecologists are also very concerned with health of breasts and their issues as one of the most common problems that rises due to negligence in women is breast cancer. Through proper and regular examination this major issue can be resolved and prevented, and if there lays a history of breast cancer in the family, the women should get themselves checked even more regularly and frequently.

Birth Control:

If a woman is sexually active and looking forward to birth control, the simplest solution to may seem to be the birth control pills, however after an intense studies it has been proven that these pills can be very dangerous if not taken according to prescription and for that one certainly needs an advice from a gynecologist.

These are some of the main reasons that are needed to be taken under consideration for women to start their at least an annual gynecologist examination in order to see if everything is working right and there are no complications. In many countries such examinations are taken as a luxury and people refer to doctors only when they fell in some issues however such regular checkups can not only save you from the hassles of medical treatment but they can be economically beneficial as well saving tons from the treatment through early prevention of any issue that may rise in the future.

Hospitals in Lahore:

There are bunch of hospitals that are providing medical facilities related to gynecology but ZAIB Hospital in Lahore is from one of the best hospitals in Lahore who are providing medical treatment related to gynecology. ZAIB hospital is the first ever Chinese hospital in Lahore with Chinese female gynecologists.

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