Techniques to Prevent and Treat Uterine Prolapse

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Uterine Prolapsed Treatment at ZAIB Hospital

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Sag Uterus and its Prevention:

When to seek medical care?

When following symptoms are experienced, notify health care provider
1.        Experiencing persistent discomfort from urinary dribbling
2.        Urge to bowel movement
3.        Continuous backache
4.        Difficulty in bowel movement, walking and urinating
5.        Entire uterine prolapse
6.        Feeling of presence of cervix near vaginal opening

Uterine prolapsed treatment:

Treatment depends upon the extent of supporting structures weakness around the uterus.

Self-care at home:

Kegel exercises:

Pelvic muscles are strengthened by performing this exercise by tightening pelvic muscles, as if trying to stop the urine flow.


Estrogen cream, suppositories or rings inserted into vagina to restore strength and vitality of vaginal tissues.


Surgery is performed either to repair or remove the uterus depending on age or wish to become pregnant
Hysterectomy, uterus is removed and sagging of vaginal wall, urethra and bladder is corrected.
Open abdominal procedure is performed through vagina or through small incision in abdomen.

Other therapies for uterine prolapse:

Supportive device (pessary) can be worn to support falling uterus in vaginal canal. This can be used permanently or temporarily.
These devices are available in different size and shapes. Pessary may not beneficial in severe uterine prolapse.
Pessaries can cause foul smelly discharge and irritation in vagina.

Herbal treatment of uterine prolapse:

Raspberry leaf, comfrey & horsetail (equisetum):
They all are helpful in rebuilding connective tissues. They are taken tablet or tea form.
Gotu kola:
It helps to increase blood flow to the ligaments to maintain their integrity.

Couch grass:
It strengthens bladder sphincters.

Black cohosh & ginseng:
It helps to reduce menopause symptoms due to their estrogen like properties. These herbs are helpful in overcoming problems associated with pelvic prolapses.

Vitamin D:
Higher level of vitamin D may reduce risk of conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse.

Vitamin C:
Vitamin c plays role in synthesis of collagen which is an essential component of ligaments that hold pelvic floor and pelvic organs.

Calcium helps to strengthens bones including pelvic bones.

Prevention Techniques:
Following preventive measures can be adopted to prevent prolapse:
·         Pregnancy – pelvic floor exercises throughout the duration of pregnancy
·         Vaginal childbirth – pelvic floor exercises (post-partum)
·         Post-menopause – to boost up level of hormones estrogen cream is used, and pelvic floor exercises
·         Obesity – with adoption of healthy dietary habits obesity can be prevented and regular exercise
·         Other conditions – treat underlying disorders  in consultation with your doctor
·         Chronic constipation – you need to have big, soft and formed stools. Usually, eating lots of fruit, vegetables and fiber will help. Don’t strain when using your bowels getting regular physical exercise
·         Maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial.
·         Practicing Kegel exercises can prevent uterine prolapse.
·         using estrogen replacement therapy during men

Things to remember
·         Uterine prolapse occurs when weakened or damaged muscles and ligaments allow the uterus to slip into the vagina.
·         Common causes include pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes after menopause, obesity, severe coughing and straining on the toilet.
·         Treatment options include pelvic floor exercises, vaginal pessaries and vaginal surgery.

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