Usually after menstruation 7-10 days scheduled surgery is the best time. Vaginal tightening surgery can be performed under local anesthesia in surgery, currently used method is relatively simple, generally do not do a lot of tissue removal, just the removal of the vaginal opening 3-5CM vaginal mucosal folds and then tightening suture mucosa can be. If the vaginal opening is too loose, can also be done in the levator ani muscles of the vaginal mucosa under two mattress suture needle, in order to tighten the vaginal opening, tightly tied to the ability to increase the vaginal opening, below the vaginal opening if tear due childbirth split, so that the vagina outside the mouth shape is destroyed, in complete shade crossing crunch, while also improving the shape of the vagina, mouth, to make it more beautiful.

ZAIB Hospital provides the facility of female gynecologists in Lahore. She treats all the gynecological disorders with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and surgeries. We here at ZAIB Hospital provide the services of vagina plastic surgery that will increase the sex life a female.

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