Vaginal Relaxation Treatment in Lahore

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Vaginal Relaxation Treatment in Lahore

Vaginal relaxation reduces the quality of life of couples. Western experts say that this is due to natural phenomena and even flow of people will cause elastic fiber atrophy, making muscle relaxation. It occurs because of repeated damage to the birth canal, the vagina naturally more relaxed. Physically weak maternal, although the injury is not serious, its recovery is also slower.

Seemingly simple, it is a very complex reproductive organs, not only many nerves, and the veins and capillaries are also very rich, the vaginal wall is double helix state with rich and strong elasticity, 30 years after the female vaginal wall and bladder Sphincter and pelvic muscles will be issued elastic landing, relaxation of the phenomenon.

Vaginal relaxation refers to the organization of the vaginal wall or pelvic support ligament and estrangement, for some reason cannot maintain the original tight structure, as the elderly bags under the eyes or relaxation of the frontal cortex, showing sagging phenomenon.

With age the human skin becomes dry, rough, loss of elasticity, thickening of the stratum corneum. So the need for beauty cares products to nutrition. Female genitals are no exception, due to marriage and fertility the vagina will become loose. In this condition bacteria easily invade into the vagina and damage the sexual health. As the genitals elastic fibrous fracture, atrophy, making the genitals peripheral nerve sensitivity decreased, become dull, and thus the formation of indifferent, sexual intercourse pain and other conditions.

Vaginal Relaxation Treatment in Lahore at ZAIB Hospital:

We here at ZAIB hospital provide facility of vaginal relaxation treatment. We have female Chinese gynecologists in Lahore. She has 40 years of experience in treating gynecological disorders.

Its treatment is possible by the following ways:
1.     Self-therapy.
1.1      Finishing anore.
1.2      Infestation urination.
1.3      Walking exercise.
2       Chinese Medicine Therapy.
3       Shrink massage.
4       Vaginal tightening surgery.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery Treatment for Vaginal Relaxation:

For patients with severe vaginal relaxation we adopt the surgical approach to improve the vaginal environment. Vaginal tightening is for women above the physiological changes, in order to improve the quality of life of couples and treatment of urethra, bladder and rectum bulging and design of a gynecological plastic surgery. Surgery is different for the different age of patients. Vaginal relaxation and perineum injury to varying degrees of repair, repair and damage through the operation of muscle and fascia, so that increased vaginal elasticity, tightness becomes appropriate, laceration of the perineum restored to the production Pre-state. Postoperative not only the appearance of satisfaction, the lifting of the patient heart.

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