Vaginitis Swelling of Vagina

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Vaginitis Treatment at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB Hospital in Lahore is providing best teatment for vaginitis from all the hospitals in Lahore. We have Chinese female gynecologists in Lahore who treat females with Chinese Herbal medicine.


Vaginitis is the condition of burning, swelling, itching or infection in the vagina (muscular canal from cervix to outside of body)of the women. It is caused by the different germs. Vagina discharges a specific type of flow and it is the body’s way to maintain a normal healthy physiological environment. The discharge is milky or clear without any foul smell. There may be change in color, smell, amount of discharge in vaginitis. There may be a gradual change in burning and itching because of the bacterial imbalance of healthy bacteria which leads towards the vaginitis.

Sign & Symptoms of Vaginitis:

  Vaginitis has following signs and symptoms:
• Inflammation (swelling, irritation &redness due to presence of extra immune cells).
• Irritation with sexual intercourse.
• Vaginal discharge.
• Foul vaginal smell.

Causes of Vaginitis:

 Followings may be the causes of vaginitis:
•  Infection:
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Yeast
  • Fungus (Candida albicans)
  • trichomonas(caused by a parasitic protozoa called Trichomonas vaginalis)
Poor estrogen support of vagina leads to vaginitis; usually found in postmenopausal women & sometimes in young girls before puberty.
The followings may can cause allergic vaginitis.
  • Condoms
  • spermicides
  • soaps
  • perfumes
  • douches
  • lubricants
  • Semen can cause allergic vaginitis.

How is vaginitis Diagnosed?

Vaginitis is diagnosed by checking:

  • vaginal fluid appearance
  • vaginal pH levels
  • presence of volatile amines (the gas that causes a bad smell)
  • microscopic detection

Treatment of vaginitis:

  • Type of treatment depends upon cause of infection.
  • Oral antifungals, antibiotics or topical (applied on skin) antibacterial creams.
  • In case of severe irritation symptoms Cristone cream is prescribed.
  • Antihistamine is prescribed in case of inflammation caused by an allergic reaction.
  • Estrogen cream is recommended if the vaginitis was caused by low estrogen levels.
  • Sometimes treatment is recommended to restore vaginal flora( after treatment of infection) that has significant implications for a woman’s overall health .

Herbal treatment for Bacterial vaginitis:

This herb known as great immunity booster, intake during fungal or bacterial infection stimulates immune response against infectious agents. This herb contains polysaccharides and different chemicals having specific actions.
Recommended dose: 500-1000 mg capsules
This herb must be avoided in allergic conditions.
Aloe Vera:
  Aloe Vera gel is not a cure of bacterial vaginitis; it relieves the itching associated with bacterial vaginitis. This immediately stops itching and provide relief.
Tea tree oil:
  Tea tree oil helps to reduce bacterial action in vagina and remove the infection.
Take tea tree oil and mix it with water to reduce its severity, apply inside vagina to control the bacterial multiplication and remove inflammation.
  It is beneficial & effective treatment method for bacterial vaginitis. Garlic oil or infusions can be used for application & rinsing of vagina resp.
Recommended dose: 4-5 garlic cloves/day or as infusion.

Prevention of vaginitis:

• Rinse vaginal area daily and pat dry.
• Wipe your vagina and anus from front to back.
• Don’t douche; this can upset the natural balance of the vagina.
• When needed use the antibiotics.
• Use cotton-lined underpants.
• Don’t wear tight pants.
• See your healthcare provider if you have any unusual discharge or smell

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