Vaginitis a Gynecological Inflammation

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Vaginitis a Gynecological Inflammation

Vaginitis refers to any inflammation of the vagina. This is a common gynecological issue found in females of all ages, with one-third of  female having at least one type of vaginitis at some time in their lives. The vagina is the muscular pathway between the external genital area and uterus. When the outer surface of the vagina becomes infectious, because some irritant has upset the balance of the vaginal area, vaginitis can occur.

Causes of  Vaginitis

Yeast, viruses, bacteria and chemicals in creams or sprays, or clothing can cause vaginitis. Sometimes, vaginitis happens from microorganisms that are passed between sexual partners. Moreover, the vaginal environment is subjected by different factors, including a female’s health, her particular hygiene, medications, hormones, and the health of her partner. A disturbance in any of these factors can activate vaginitis.

Types of Vaginitis:

The six most major types of vaginitis include the following:
  • Bacterial vaginosis.
  • Gonococcal vaginitis.
  • Viral vaginitis.
  • Chlamydia vaginitis.
  • Candida or “yeast” infection.
  • Trichomoniasis vaginitis.

Non-Infectious Vaginitis

Each of these types of inflammation has a different reason and can show different symptoms, making diagnosis often difficult. In addition, more than one type of vaginitis may be existent at the same time, with or without indications being present.

Candida or “yeast” infections

Yeast infections, as they are normally called, are caused many species of fungus known as Candida, which generally live in the vagina in small numbers. Candida can also be contemporary in the mouth and digestive tract in both males and females.
Since yeast is usually present and well-balanced in the vagina, contamination occurs when something in a female’s system distresses this normal balance. For example, an antibiotic is used to treat another infection may distressed this balance. In this case, the antibiotic destroys the bacteria that generally balances and protects  the yeast in the vagina.

Symptoms of a Vaginal Candida Infection

The following are the most communal symptoms of a Candida infection. However, each individual may experience indications differently. Symptoms may include:
  • Itchiness and redness of the vulva and vagina.
  • A thick, white, cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge, watery and usually odorless.
The symptoms of a vaginal Candida inflammation may resemble other conditions or therapeutic problems. Always consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

Risk for vaginal Candida infections

While any female can develop a yeast infection, the following females may be at an improved risk for the condition:
  • Women who have diabetes that is not well-controlled.
  • Women who are pregnant.
  • Women who have had a recent course of antibiotics.
  • Women who have a thyroid or endocrine disorder.
  • Women who are using high-estrogen contraceptives.
  • Women who are using an immunosuppressant medication.
  • Women who are undergoing corticosteroid therapy, which slows the immune system.

Treatment for Vaginal Candida Infections

Precise treatment for Candida will be unwavering by your doctor based on:
  • Type and severity of the symptoms.
  • Your age, overall health, and medical history.
  • Your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies.
  • Your opinion or preference.
  • Extent of the disease.
  • Expectations for the course of the disease.
Treatment for Candida may include:
  • Vaginal tablets.
  • Anti-fungal, vaginal creams and suppositories.
  • Antibiotics.

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