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Now days the rate of infertility in males and females have increased. Many males and females in Pakistan fall prey to infertility. In recent years we have seen many cases of infertility. It is very difficult for someone to bear that he/she has no child. Many families are incomplete in Pakistan just because of infertility and some people are looking for its treatment, some goes with IVF while others adopt babies. While facing infertility male and females becomes very upset and it will destroy their daily life routines. Sometimes if women are facing infertility then the male become pressurize to get married to other women. And if there is a problem with the male then the female have to suffer her whole life. This situation have ruined the life of many families up till know.

But now the situation has changed. ZhongBa hospital brings Chinese infertility specialists in Lahore. Zhongba Hospital is best infertility hospital from all hospitals in Lahore. Zhongba Hospital provides you the facility to get yourself cured with the help of Chinese infertility specialist’s doctors.

Zhongba Hospital provides infertility treatment in Lahore with the help of Chinese Traditional Medicines. Now there is no need to go for IVF and adoption. We have our own Chinese way of treatment to handle all the complications that occurred during the treatment.

We have male Chinese Andrologists in Lahore Dr. Wang Zhi for the treatment of male infertility and we have Chinese female gynecologist in Lahore Dr. Guofen for treatment of female infertility. We have the highest success rate to cure infertility.

If you are facing issues like azoospermia which means low sperm count or zero sperm count, necrozoospermia, blocked fallopian tubes, miscarriage, difficulty in conceiving etc. Then it is the time to visit us


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We are making the modern medical facilities accessible to those who cannot find them easily throughout the hospitals in Lahore. A few of our highly specialized services are provided by specialized doctors from the fields of Gynecology , Andrology and Anorectal Issue.
We provide the services with a vision of excellence and we have so far…

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