Migraine Headache Symptoms:

Face Numb:

Face numb is one of the migraine symptoms. Usually migraine is a local, recurrent and self-limiting severe headache. People with migraine headache will have change in sensory aspects. Such as, your hands and feet and even face will feel numb. This feeling may be before the onset of migraine. Visual problems also appear. They may be occurs with the headache. These sensory changes will make the patient more nervous. Therefore, you need to be attentive if such symptoms occur.


One or two days before the onset of migraine, you will find yourself in increased yawn frequency. The vision becomes blurred or narrow when you see the black spots. These symptoms usually occur half an hour before migraine attacks. Once the headache begins, it immediately disappears.

Fear of noise:

Sometimes some smell, light and noise will cause migraine. Because the headache patients’ brain stem will be very active, response to stimulation stronger.

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Expert Tip: If you are still suffering torture from migraine, but you only choose some drug treatment, then let me tell you that the treatment can only be a temporary solution it cannot cure it permanently. It also has side effects. So you must go to the better hospital for its treatment. Then how to treat migraine? ZAIB Hospital pain doctor recommended “MX-3-steps sedative therapy.”

MX 3-Steps Sedative Therapy Migraine Headache Treatment:

For migraine treatment, In MX 3-steps sedative therapy experts are using the international top physical therapy instrument to direct the role of drug ions in the brain neurotransmitters. Activation of the brains own immune function, resulting in a large number of bioactive substances, to appease the state of cerebral cortex tension. It effectively promotes brain blood circulation and provides relieve from headache. Treatment process will supplement with acupressure, Chinese medicine fumigation, acupuncture, medicine and other Chinese medicine to strengthen base on the patient’s condition. The traditional Chinese medicine therapy quickly restores the disorder of the brain neurotransmitters. It really archives the target to cure headache! Breaking the vicious circle history of headache treatment – treat relapse – re-treat – recurrence!

How to Step Down the Migraine Headache?

The first step: MX-high-precision source fixation device, the day quickly relieve migraine headache

8 minutes accurate scan positioning the brain in the disorder of the brain neurotransmitters, accurate judgments of the cause, combined with physical therapy quickly penetrate the blood-brain barrier, direct lesions, balance disorders brain neurotransmitters, activation of the brain central nervous system, the day quickly relieve headaches, Dizziness and other symptoms.

The second step: MX – modern biological gene technology to prevent recurrence

MX modern bio-gene technology used in combination with more than 100 kinds of valuable Chinese medicine extract concentrated refined for migraine treatment. It is easy to absorb, result quickly, more than 30 times higher than the general effect. It will not cause drug dependence and side effects. The treatment process will be based on the situation with the rehabilitation of acupressure, Chinese medicine fumigation, acupuncture, medicine and other Chinese medicine fever. It fully protects their cell activity. It enhances the brain immunity. The process improves the external stimulating stress. Generally for severe headache patients, 1 -2 course of treatment can be clinical rehabilitation, palliative, to prevent recurrence.

The third step: MX – dynamic treatment monitoring system + after healing management system

MX-dynamic treatment monitoring system tracks the patient’s condition changes. It adjust the program according to different stages of treatment of patient to ensure that every headache treatment are effective targeted.

3 Major advantages of “MX-3-steps sedative therapy” for Migraine Treatment

1.       Migraine Treatment course is short and show results quickly. Headache dizziness symptoms comes at ease when day cure!
2.       There are no side effects. This is called complete green biotherapy
3.       It prevents the recurrence of illness.

Tips: Many people feel that headache is not a serious illness, but the pain is indeed terrible. We must promptly go to the regular hospital for migraine treatment. We should not delay the best treatment time. If you need, consult an online expert, or call the ZAIB Hospital hotline: 03136368888.