Precautionary Measurements for Hijama | Cupping Therapy

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Precautionary Measurements for Hijama | Cupping Therapy

Hijama | Cupping therapy is one of Chinese traditional medical technique to treat diseases. It’s not only convenient but also effective. Although many families can do cupping themselves, but this therapy is not simple, and some attention is still required.
After Hijama/cupping we will feel refreshed, stiff neck cured, waist is not sour, and legs are not hurt and so on. So it’s said that the effect of Hijama/cupping is very good. Its use is very convenient, which is the top choice for family treatment. But Hijama/cupping is also need to grasp some of the precautions, so as to keep our body more healthy and to avoid infection.

What are the Precautions for Cupping Therapy?

We must follow precautions for Hijama | Cupping, so as to be able to treat a variety of diseases quickly, the body can be healthy. Experts tell us that not eat too much before Hijama/cupping. The patients who are suffering from heart disease or skin diseases, infectious disease are best not to hijama/cupping. The disinfection must be done before the cupping therapy; otherwise it will cause skin discomfort or infection easily.

1: Not to take a bath after Cupping Therapy:

This is the top precautionary measurement that you need to follow after hijama | cupping. Many people like to take a bath immediately after hijama | cupping, and thought this will more refreshing. But the experts told us that not to take a bath immediately after the hijama/cupping is best, which is likely to cause our skin second injury to negative body.

This is mainly because the hijama | cupping is causes damage to the skin. So the skin will become more sensitive and fragile after the cupping therapy. Taking a bath at this time can cause the inflammation on skin. If it is a cold shower, then the situation will be even worse, not just skin injuries, but also the water vapor will enter into the body through the pores, very prone to cold.

2: The Bleeding after Hijama/Cupping:

There is no need to be very tense when bleeding after hijama | cupping. Just use a clean dry cotton ball to dry blood. The reason of bleeding is due to local skin flush or congestion after hijama/cupping. This is a normal phenomenon and will disappear later.

3: The Bubble after Cupping Therapy:

There is no need special tense for water bubbles, which is mainly caused by the long time to tank stay. There is no need to do special treatment, as long as the prevention of scratches to cause infection. If you want to break blisters, you’d better use a clean needle to break the liquid inside flow out, and then figure on the purple syrup, which can prevent the infection effectively.

4: Should pay Attention to keep yourself Warm after Hijama:

This is an important note after hijama/cupping. Patient’s body will be weaker after hijama/cupping, and the pores of the body are also in an open state. If you don’t pay attention to be warm then it will cause wind and evil invade in the body. It hinders in restoring health quickly, even may make the disease worse, and suffering from cold, which is very detrimental to the body.

5: Disinfection:

All the supplies should be disinfected after the hijama/cupping, meanwhile the operator’s hands should take routine disinfection, which is more secure for the next use.
The patients who eat too full, overworked, drunk cannot do the hijama/cupping. It is very detrimental to the body. Women also able to cupping therapy during the menstrual period, but you’d better not to the lower abdomen position. If the skin is sick, such as trauma, skin allergies, etc., is also not suitable for hijama/cupping.

It must be based on different hijama/cupping position to choose different tank during hijama/cupping, but also choose a different hijama/cupping method, so as to make the body healthy quickly. The location of the hijama/cupping cannot be too close when you choose several cans one time , otherwise may will cause skin pain, and is not easy to tie, the effect cannot be the best. When pull up the cans must be gentle, do not hard pull or rotation, or will easy to hurt the skin.

Hijama or Cupping therapy is better way to treat disease, which healed Thousands and thousands of patients from ancient times to today. The conditions before and after hijama, must be observed so that the body can restore health as soon as possible.  If the patient are uncomfortable or syncope during procedure, then must then doctors must stop hijama/cupping immediately.

I believe that now you know many things about hijama. I hope this will help you to do cupping therapy in a correct way.

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