A New Generation of Quadruple Therapy

September 5, 2022 by zhmcadmin0

Quadruple Therapy at ZAIB Hospital:

ZAIB hospital adopts Chinese way of treatment to treat patients. We have Chinese andrologists in Lahore. He treats patients with the help of Chinese traditional medicines.

A new generation of quadruple therapy

“A new generation of quadruple therapy” fix traditional Chinese medical with Western medicine, which is the organic combination of coalescence, and will remove allergens each in his element, and immune adaptation, immune enhancement, immune restoration four course of treatment, clinical application effect, effectively solve the problem of the scrotum eczema which is difficult to cure and easy to relapse. Praise By the industry experts and favored by patients.
A new generation of quadruple therapy helps men to suffer from scrotum eczema

Three major functions:

1, Eliminate allergic immune memory cells: desensitization of quadruple therapy can eliminate the body of sensitized lymphocytes “memory” – the so-called “allergy imprint”. Allergic contact with the human body imprint from allergens, it stores an allergen bio resonance wave. Through the detection and identification of allergens, and then reverse the resonance wave produced by allergens, amplified and then reentered the body, so that the human body to return to normal.
2, To change and reduce the sensitivity of the whole body and local: bidirectional immune regulation, clear the focus of microcirculation, eliminate skin cell factor.
3, Effectively change the allergy: fundamentally prevent relapse, is immune to desensitization injection of compound improved, to solve the traditional problem of desensitizer containing hormones and the side effect is big, the effect is not stable, safe and reliable, can effectively change the allergic body.

Five major advantages:

1, Blocking allergens: deep into the cell to block the occurrence of allergic reactions, to enhance the tolerance of cells to allergens.
2, Blood stasis, detoxification antipruritic: complete removal of residual toxins in the body and foundation for scrotal eczema.
3, Improve immunity: remove all kinds of inflammation caused by allergies, and enhance the body’s own immune function.
4, A comprehensive and effective desensitization: the unique desensitization factor can be generalized to treat a variety of allergic complications, remove a variety of allergens.
5, Repair damaged skin; restore the normal physiological function of the skin caused by blisters and scabs, itching scratching.

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