Deep Vein Thrombosis to Treat Impotence

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ZAIB Hospital

ZAIB hospital in Lahore adopts the USA most advanced deep vein thrombosis professional to treat impotentce. ZAIB hospital has Chinese andologists in Lahore. He treats people with latest technologies and Chinese traditional medicinese.

Operation principle:

The operation was performed under local anesthesia in the dorsal penile roots cut down a long incision about 3cm; find the deep dorsal vein of penis at high magnification and its branch adjustment. The normal erection mechanism because of injection of penile arterial blood from the venous outflow is greater than the blood in the body of the function is normal, when the penis firming up, basically have no from venous blood. The deep dorsal vein of penis surgery in dredge blockage or narrowing iliac hypogastria artery to establish cavernously artery bed artery bypass, improve perfusion pressure and blood flow in the cavernous body of the penis artery, so that the penis blood filling, so as to achieve the treatment of erectile dysfunction, make a man revive.

Four major advantages:

1,Minimally Invasive Painless:

Surgery is high in the medical operation under the microscope safety, the use of local anesthesia, is a minimally invasive painless surgery. Under a microscope, find the deep dorsal vein of penis adjustment, establish artery bypass in the cavernous artery, and improve blood pressure and blood flow, blood filling, and erection.

2,A Septic Operations:

Combined with professional leading level of laminar flow ultra-purification aseptic operation room, the whole operation one-time molding, to prevent nosocomial infection.


On the dialectical, the prominent clinical curative effect, treatment, pay attention to more emphasis on science after conditioning, the treatment of impotence safer, more durable, sexual life time more than 15 minutes.

4,Not Repeated, the Course of Treatment is Short

Surgery one-time molding, postoperative appearance tidy and beautiful, no scar, no damage from the erection mechanism, short course, quick recovery, improve male reproductive function, prolong the life time of husband and wife, to improve the couple’s sexual quality .

Treatment Effect of ED:

The patient after the treatment, both conscious penile erectile functions is good and sexual life satisfaction, by sensory stimulation, the opposite sex stimulation, can normal erection, can successfully complete sexual intercourse.

Treatment time of ED:

Minimally invasive surgery treatment process is only about 30 minutes, a one-time effective treatment, without hospitalization.

Recovery period Erectile Dysfunction:

Minimally invasive surgery, the wound is small, 5-7 days can be restored after surgical treatment, will not affect the daily work and life.


Feedback for up to 6-8 months after operation, the penis erection is natural, powerful, and very satisfies with the couple’s sexual life, no other complications.

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