PPH Surgery for Hemorrhoids Treatment

September 5, 2022 by zhmcadmin0

Hemorrhoids Treatment Through PPH Surgery:

PPH minimally invasive anastomosis is consistent with the principle of Anorectal, Circular resection part of the internal hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids on the mucosa, and instant anastomosis at the same time. ZAIB medical hospital hemorrhoids Institute experts said, the operation not only blocked the blood supply to hemorrhoids, but also fixed the slide tissue suspension. The pathological state of the rectum is to return to normal anatomical state.

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PPH surgery process only takes 20 minutes. Patients feel pain less, less bleeding, recovery quickly, significantly reduce postoperative pain and bleeding, shorten the recovery cycle; 24 hours after surgery can be normal bowel movements, no pain, and no long-term serious complications such as anal stenosis, fecal incontinence and so on. Patients’ life quality has been obvious improved. PPH is known as the gold standard in the field of hemorrhoids treatment.

There are following advantages of PPH surgery in comparison with traditional hemorrhoids surgery.


There is no need to remove the anal cushion to maximum retain the normal function of anus, to avoid complications such as anal stenosis or anal incontinence.


The prolapse of the anus hemorrhoids back to the original position, while cutting blood vessels to provide blood to the hemorrhoids, not damage the perianal skin, almost no pain after surgery.

Tiny Wound, Recovery Quickly:

Stapler circular resect the mucosa as non-open wound, bleeding less, exempt trouble of dressing after surgery, can return to normal life quickly.

The Scope of Treatment:

Annulus hemorrhoids, multiple hemorrhoids, huge isolated hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, circumference mixed hemorrhoids, incarcerated hemorrhoids, rectal mucosal prolapse, prolapse and so on.

For Applied Object:

Because of less damage, especially suit for the elderly, the officer who pay more attention to time and recurrence patients who treated with traditional treatment, patients who accompanied by mild prolapse and rectal mucosal prolapse.

So far, hundreds of thousands of hemorrhoids patients has been treated by PPH surgery minimally invasive technology. The birth of this technology marks the revolutionary results in history of hemorrhoids treatment; completely resolve the wish of hemorrhoids patients to treat hemorrhoids painless.

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