Selective Blockade Technology to Treat Premature Ejaculation

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American PNI Premature Ejaculation Penis Sensitive Nerve Selective Blockade

Selective blockade to treat ejaculation disorder is an international advanced surgery method. The time of the operation is not long. About 10 years ago doctors began to use this technology to treat male disorder and achieved very satisfactory results. This technology was introduced to China five years ago, and now for the very first time Chinese doctors are using this technology in Pakistan at ZAIB Hospital to treat patients. There are very few hospitals that can do this operation in whole Pakistan. ZAIB Hospital with the latest technology in Lahore has successfully administered thousands of cases.

The Causes and Symptoms:

ZAIB Hospital sexual experts said that it is a more common male dysfunction disease. In clinical the incidence of adult men accounted about 55-70%. In the past this disease was defined as ejaculation within 1-2 minutes. Modern clinical theories define premature ejaculation as people can’t regulate ejaculation capacity. It’s like female did have orgasm while male ejaculates during sex. This situation in the sex life accounted in 70%. It affects the quality of sex life. It will cause impotence and other sexual dysfunction, which even impact the love between husband and wife. We should pay more attention and be treated early.

Therapeutic Principle of Selective Blocking of Penile Sensitive Nerve

Penile sensory pathway begins from the skin of penis, the head of penis, the urethra and the corpus cavernosum, the nerve fibers converge to form the penis dorsal nerve bundle, the other nerve fibers become the genitals of the genitals, and then the dorsal root of the sacral nerve rises to the spinal cord , Sensory activation, through the penis dorsal nerve, genital nerve, spinal cord, spinal cord thalamus, the pain, temperature, touch information transmitted to the hypothalamus and cortical layer for perception. Contact irritation, penile skin and penile nerve impulses through the penis dorsal nerve afferent, starting and maintaining the reflex penile erection. In recent years, many studies in China and abroad also shows that patients with premature ejaculation penis sensitive nerve excitability, especially the penile head sensory nerve excitability is higher than normal, so that ejaculation during sexual intercourse with ejaculation reflex arc shorter, ejaculation Low threshold of stimulation, easy to ejaculation during sexual intercourse.
Doctors found in the surgery that the normal nerve branch of circumstances penile sensitive should be two as usual but the primary intractable premature ejaculation patients had up to 8-9 and some even have 13. Too much nerve distributed on the glans is resulting in a high degree of sensitivity to sexual stimulation. Once it just come into contact with the vaginal opening will be causes a serious premature injection. Therefore this treatment can reduce the sensitivity of the penis head. It improves the ejaculation threshold. It extends the ejaculation timing and improves the quality of sexual life.
Selective Blockade Technology to Treat Premature Ejaculation

The Advantages of Penis Sensitive Nerve Selective Blockade For Premature Ejaculation:

It is a new technology based on the above principles. First of all, accurately locate the distribution of the glans and the penis department of the sensitive nerve. According to the specific distribution of penile-sensitive nerves in each patient and the degree of disorder we use imported special penis sensitive nerve block knife to block penis sensitive selective nerve. We reduce the number of sensitive nerves in order to reduce the sensitivity of penis and to improve the glans tolerance. So it is to achieve the purpose of delayed ejaculation to cure it. It reduces sexual excitement and effectively extends the sex life time to improve the quality of sexual life.
The characteristics of this treatment are:
• Painless.
• No scars.
• No hospitalization.
• Can go home after operation.
• Safe and reliable.
• Simple and convenient
• No discomfort after surgery.
This tech will make male out of the embarrassment of premature ejaculation. And not only treat it but also increase sexual pleasure substantial.

The Features PNI Penis Sensitive Nerve Selective Blockade:

1, Wide indications, adapted to any cause of its treatment, such as primary and secondary abnormal ejaculation, especially result better of premature ejaculation treatment which caused by masturbation. There is no age limit on Surgery, as long as there is sexual function problem of adult males with intractable premature ejaculation can be considered to do the surgical treatment.
2, The effect of treatment is better and generally can do start sexual life one month after surgery. After the surgery the ability of control ejaculation is greatly enhanced. According to the clinical treatment statistics, mostly patients can extend the sex life to more than 10 minutes (some patients is more than 30 minutes), a small number of patients can extend to more than 5 minutes.
3, The security and safety measures are good. In operation we only cut a very shallow incision on the coronal sulcus, will not damage the testes and reproductive tract, so will not any impact male fertility function.
4, Recovery process is very quickly because surgical incision is very small generally only 1-2cm. It will not affect the normal life post operate, dressing the next day or the third day, and can shower one week later.

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