SF Central Activation Therapy for Impotence

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ED Treatment at ZAIB Hospital Using SF:

ZAIB Hospital provides treatment of impotence with the help of Chinese traditional medicines and latest technologies like SF Central Activation Therapy. We have Chinese andrologist in Lahore. He treats all the diseases related to men.

SF Central Activation Therapy at ZAIB Hospital:

Advanced treatment of male impotence; and the “Chinese Medical Association Andrology branch of the Sixth National Academic Conference of Andrology” recommendation, evaluation opens up a new direction for the domestic treatment impotence, will also improve our impotence treatment technology to a new level of international.

SF central activation therapy, treat functional impotence effective

The international leading SF central activation therapy in clinical use for the actual condition of patients, drugs, electromagnetic, rehabilitation and other aspects of the treatment of multi-pronged, treatment effect significantly. Cases of clinical treatment proved that the treatment of sexual dysfunction caused by a variety of reasons for the effective rate of 98%, the total recovery rate of more than 90%. It’s the best choice to treat impotence at present.

SF central activation therapy mainly from seven aspects:

1, The world’s leading testing equipment, a clear cause for the complex etiology of ED, the use of nocturnal penile tumescence tester (NPT), Doppler blood flow detector, urodynamic analyzer, and impotence (ED) related to erect penis determination, blood flow and other more than and 10 projects were detected, accurately identify the cause, in order to facilitate science standard treatment.

2, Ionization meridians, acupuncture treatment: the use of advanced comprehensive rehabilitation of sexual dysfunction by electric pulse excitation, negative pressure, pneumatic massage and other physical therapy, regulating the cerebral cortex function, spinal cord central activities, and through special treatment to the appliance and related acupoints, expansion of arteriovenous, activate the cavernous power, thickening sponge volume.

3, Combination Chinese medical with western medical, syndrome differentiation: the use of the drug of choice, according to the regulation of sexual nerve, axis and vascular epithelial cells of gonadal function, increase blood flow, activate the cavernous power, improve erectile hardness, restore normal ejaculation threshold. Due to endocrine problems, the reproductive system inflammation of sexual dysfunction syndrome treatment, eliminate inflammation, enhance immunity.

4, Vacuum and electric erection: the use of vacuum negative pressure, accelerate the blood flow into the penis, the penis erects quickly to strong, to help
good effect on erectile impotence, and quality of Canon.

5, Strengthen regulation of erectile function magnetic resonance, magnetic resonance: biological effect produced by high-energy electromagnetic field, obviously improve the active penis erectile function; at the same time, using the simulated vaginal temperature, liquid medicine and massage electric pulse function, effectively regulate the penis passive erectile function.

6, Encourage and enhance confidence in the rehabilitation counseling: basic medical treatment, psychological experts and patients with deep psychological communication, clear patient is subconscious obstacles in root knot, adopt corresponding targeted psychological treatment, eliminate mental disorders, enhance patient rehabilitation confidence, so as to achieve the purpose of improving.

7, Rehabilitation check, prevent recurrence: the spirit of a highly responsible attitude, experts in the consent of the patient, a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s sexual situation, timely solve various psychological problems of life, rehabilitation inspection, consolidate the treatment effect, ensure cure impotence.

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