Steps of Gynecology Examination

September 3, 2022 by zhmcadmin0

Step By Step Guide for a Gynecology Examination

Being a female comes with some certain medical and physical affairs that are needed to be addressed at priorities. One of these is a proper gynecological examination every now and then that can help you reduce the risk of medical complications and make prevent all the issues that may rise due to the negligence. In this article we are going to discuss the gynecology examination with a step by step guide and the best way to cooperate with your doctor in order to provide them the needed information to make inferences about your health.
  1. In order to make an appointment for gynecology examination with your female Gynecologist, always choose the day that is not as much filled with other activities as the examination can be time consuming and haste would certainly not help in an examination. So make an appointment with you Gynecologist and make sure you are on time.
  2. Do not forget to clean yourself and especially all the vital parts before gynecology examination. It is recommended to take a hot shower before you go for the examination as it helps your body and pores to open up in a better way. With that it is also worth noting not to use any external cream, deodorant or perfume at least 24 hours before the examination.
  3. Clear up all the questions that you need to ask you Gynecologist, if you have a doubt of forgetting the questions you can also note them down in order to ask the doctor during the examination.
  4. It is to be made very clear that you have to be very evident while talking to your doctor about all the issues that you might feel you are facing. You should make sure you tell your Gynecologist everything and do not keep anything to yourself.
  5. The gynecology examination may start with you being changed into the medical clothes, so cooperate with the staff to change into the clothes appropriate for examination.
  6. The proper examination may start with physical breast examine. It is a very vital part of the whole body examination and make sure during this examination you tell all the complications that you might think you have been facing with your breasts. You can also ask your doctor Gynecologist to teach you how to perform a breast examination yourself so you can perform it time to time to keep a record of all the activities that are going down there.
  7. After the breast examine is complete the Gynecologist may proceed vaginal examination, in this process Gynecologists use speculum, the device can be of various sizes, to open the part up and examine it completely. In an ideal situation you should not feel any pain during the whole process. If you feel any pain during this examination immediately tell your doctor to uses smaller speculum.
  8. After the completion of this examination you are almost done with your regular checkup. You can now ask your Gynecologist about the final result of the whole examination as well as the time for next appointment and when it is needed.

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